The New Normal Is All About Balance

Ah…the new normal. Many of us are just getting used to working at home and having everyone here around the clock. But, parents with children who are just beginning school as virtual students or that have decided to homeschool for the first time are in for a challenge. Having kids at home while also working full-time is not easy. It’s all about balance, and how you keep the scales aligned has a heavy influence on how successful you are as a parent, teacher, and employee or business owner.

Redesigning Your Life

The coronavirus flipped the world upside down. Because of this, we’ve had to make drastic changes in many areas. One of the most noticeable is that we are no longer going about our daily routines the same as before. If you are now working from home, it’s time to redesign your space to be as efficient as possible so that you can be effective and productive.

More than just your workspace, it pays to play around with layout and room design throughout the rest of your home. When your kids must handle school work, it’s a smart idea to partition their bedroom so that they have both a sleeping and play area and a workspace. This will help minimize distractions and create a visible boundary between their personal and educational endeavors.

Your work schedule is something else that may need a bit of tweaking. Work From Home Depot explains that you may be better off taking advantage of early mornings and late nights. And, instead of jumping in and handling everything all at once, you’ll need to switch your mindset into completing things in batches. In other words, work on one thing, finish it, and then move on. Create a new morning routine that includes getting everyone ready for school and work just as you would have had the pandemic not kept you all at home.

Preparation Is Key

When it comes to school and work, the preparations you make – or don’t – now will either help or hinder you down the road. For work, especially if you keep a busy schedule, now’s a great time to look into hiring a personal assistant one or more days each week. This is an administrative professional that can handle time-consuming tasks, like making your appointments, taking phone calls, and replying to some emails.

Using a freelancer means you don’t have to pay employer taxes, only pay them for the time they work, and can pick and choose different professionals based on your needs as they change and shift along with your new routine.

For the kids, it’s crucial that they are set up with a learning area that’s conducive to their education depending on their ages and abilities. All kids will benefit from a desk and computer with access to the internet (a reliable package designed for gamers can provide the speed you need to stay on top of everything) so that they can log into video classes throughout the day.

If you are a first-time school parent, Kindergarten Works notes that it’s a good idea to get familiar with a kindergarten supplies list, which includes glue, kid-safe scissors, and lots of crayons. Likewise, older children should have paper, pencils, a calculator, and any specialty supplies needed for advanced classes. Having everything in place before you begin your year means you’re not scrambling when new assignments pop up.

Raising kids during the pandemic takes work. That’s something we all found out quickly and unexpectedly. As the new school year rings in, make sure that you are prepared, which is particularly important if you are all at home and you will double your parental duties as a teacher while trying to upkeep your 40-hour-per-week professional obligations.

By Cherie McLaughlin of Couch Based Biz